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About Us

Our Vision

To ensure we become a society of change agents who use action, servant leadership and purpose to make a monumental difference in the world. 

Our Mission

We use education as a catalyst to provide experiences and exposures that lead to a journey of self-discovery.



We believe in creating a unified family-centric environment that welcomes people from all backgrounds. We foster a culture of recognition and collaboration so that we all can come together to achieve a common goal.   



We can never stop despite obstacles, never yield when faced with challenges. We push through adversity to change and impact the world in a positive way, every day.  



We believe that people from every walk of life should be able to gain access to the things that life has to offer. We believe in and ensure complete inclusion in all areas of our work.



We give people a chance in areas of life which they may not have been privy to. We believe in providing opportunities to people that can be life changing for them. 



We are all responsible to ensure growth and progression for everyone. Accountability for not only our own actions but also for every life we touch. It is an important core value that empowers us to combat disparities in every community.  

Our Core Values

Our Five Pillars

Character Development

Health & Wellness

Principles of Economics

Know your history


Image by Artem Kniaz

The KRoussaw 360 Method

The KRoussaw 360 Method is all about providing exposure to all facets of life to create a well-rounded world view. The KRoussaw 360 Method ignites creativity, and empowers with the skills, knowledge, and mindset necessary to thrive as innovative leaders in the ever-evolving world. We nurture not only academic acumen but also ethical values and social responsibility. 

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