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Our Trainings and Workshops

Learn more about our tailored trainings for educators, K-12 staff, and parents.

Special Place All Can Educate Successfully

Today's educators are increasingly tasked with catering to a wide range of student needs and navigating challenging classroom behaviors. However, many find themselves lacking adequate professional development in special education to effectively support all students in inclusive classrooms.  S.P.A.C.E.S program by the KRoussaw Foundation offers several trainings and workshops to fill this void, offering administrators, teachers, and paraeducators the essential skills, instructional strategies, and resources necessary to enhance teaching practices and promote success for every student. For more information, please contact us

Understanding Disabilities: Overview of different types of disabilities such as learning disabilities, ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, intellectual disabilities, etc.


Workshop Title: "Understanding Diverse Disabilities in the Classroom"

Individualized Education Program (IEP) Development: Training on how to develop, implement, and review IEPs tailored to each student's needs.

Workshop Title: "Mastering the IEP Process"

Behavior Management Strategies: Techniques for managing challenging behaviors in the classroom and creating a positive learning environment.

Workshop Title: "Creating a Positive Classroom: Effective Behavior Management Strategies"

Differentiated Instruction: Strategies for adapting teaching methods and materials to meet the diverse needs of students with disabilities.


Workshop Title: "Meeting Diverse Needs: Implementing Differentiated Instruction for Students with Disabilities"

Inclusive Education Practices: Strategies for promoting inclusion and fostering positive peer relationships among students with and without disabilities.

Workshop Title: "Building Inclusive Communities: Promoting Positive Peer Relationships in the Classroom"

Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS): Implementation of a school-wide system for promoting positive behavior and preventing disciplinary issues.


Workshop Title: "Creating a Positive School Climate: Implementing PBIS for Positive Behavior Support"


Universal Design for Learning (UDL): Understanding and implementing principles of UDL to create inclusive and accessible learning environments for all students.


Workshop Title: "Unlocking Learning: Implementing Universal Design for Learning (UDL)"

Mental Health Awareness: Training on recognizing signs of mental health issues in students with disabilities and accessing appropriate support services.


Workshop Title: "Promoting Mental Health Awareness: Supporting Students with Disabilities"


Executive Functioning Skills: Strategies for teaching organizational skills, time management, planning, and problem-solving to students with disabilities.


Workshop Title: "Empowering Success: Building Executive Functioning Skills in Students with Disabilities"

Adaptive Physical Education: Techniques for adapting physical education activities to meet the needs of students with disabilities and promote physical fitness and well-being.


Workshop Title: "Inclusive Movement: Adapting Physical Education for Students with Disabilities"


Crisis Intervention and De-escalation: Training on how to respond effectively to crisis situations and support students in emotional distress.


Workshop Title: "Crisis Intervention and De-escalation: Supporting Students in Distress"

Professional Development and Self-Care: Opportunities for educators to engage in ongoing professional development and prioritize self-care to prevent burnout and promote well-being.


Workshop Title: "Nurturing Educators: Professional Development and Self-Care for Well-being"

Trauma-Informed Practices: Training on how to recognize and support students who have experienced trauma, including those with disabilities.


Workshop Title: "Creating Trauma-Informed Environments: Supporting Students with or without Disabilities"

Collaboration and Teamwork: Training on how to collaborate effectively with other professionals, such as speech therapists, occupational therapists, and parents, to support students with disabilities.


Workshop Title: "Building Bridges: Collaboration and Teamwork for Supporting Students with Disabilities"

Transition Planning: Strategies for helping students with disabilities transition from school to post-school activities, such as higher education, employment, and independent living.


Workshop Title: "Navigating Transitions: Supporting Students with Disabilities in Transition Planning"


Managing Transitions: This 2-hour workshop is designed to provide educators with practical strategies for effectively managing transitions from preferred to non-preferred activities for students.


Workshop Title: "Smooth Transitions: Managing Transitions from Preferred to Non-Preferred Activities for Students with or without Special Education Needs"

Understanding Legal and Ethical Issues: Knowledge of special education laws and regulations, such as the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), and ethical considerations in working with students with disabilities.

Workshop Title: "Navigating Legal and Ethical Considerations in Special Education"


Sensory Integration: Understanding sensory processing disorders and techniques for creating sensory-friendly environments and activities.


Workshop Title: "Sensory Integration: Creating Inclusive Environments for Students with Sensory Processing Disorders"

More Trainings:

For Parents:

Parent Supportive Trainings Interventions: Providing family and community engagement and supports, including informing parents of academic course offerings, language classes, workforce development training, opportunities for children; and available social services as well as educating families on how to monitor a child’s learning.

For Educators: 

Spanish Language Classes for teachers: Support educators in acquiring the foundational skills necessary for communicating about grades, schoolwork, and establishing connections with Spanish-speaking parents and students.



Our workshops provide family and community engagement and supports, including informing parents of academic course offerings, language classes, workforce development training, opportunities for children; and available social services as well as educating families on how to monitor a child’s learning.

  1. Entrepreneurship Circles for Parents

  2. Career Readiness Workshops for Parents

  3. English languages Classes for families

  4. Power of Positive Reinforcement for Parents and Teachers

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