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Our Five Pillars


Character Development: Developing self-awareness, self-control, and interpersonal skills that are instrumental to your present and future are essential. Our programs focus on creating the leaders of the present and the future who embody traits that are rooted in strong moral character.  


Health & Wellness: Good health and wellness practices lead to good spiritual, mental, physical, emotional and community health. Therefore, our programs embed the principles of a healthy lifestyle to help nourish these habits. Better health and wellness habits can help boost self-confidence, self-esteem, self-worth and help prevent a variety of ailments. 


Know Your History: Everyday becomes an important lesson in one’s own history. Our programs are designed to ensure that you are constantly engaged in assessing and learning from history and cultural roots. We foster the ability to express and define identities through language, art, music, and by celebrating diversity and inclusion. 


Entrepreneurship: Identifying one’s passion and creating something out of it is a skill that can be very empowering when learned and mastered. Therefore, entrepreneurship is a very important pillar around which our programs are built upon. We provide the skillset that is needed to fuel one’s passions. We create successful entrepreneurs for today and the future. 


Principles of Economics: Knowing the basic principles of economics is not for the economists alone. To flourish economically, it is critical to understand the basics of how the economy operates. Our programs explain those concepts in a manner that makes sense to all. 

Our five pillars guide all that we do: from programs to events, these are the foundations upon which our mission is based on.

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