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Reading Together

Bridging the Gap:
The KRF Math and Literacy Program

For Elementary through Middle School Students


As the name suggests, Bridging the Gap: KRF Math & English Literacy Program is designed to help students identify and fill any skill gaps their Math and English literacy (reading, writing and comprehension) skills with respect to their grade curriculum. Our experienced Program Facilitators assess each students’ needs, develop customized training plans that outlines weekly skill development objectives to target specific needs. The customized training plans can be delivered as a afterschool program or local community centers. Our lesson plans are fun and interactive to ensure that the participants are engaged throughout and acquire the key skills at the same time.

The program can be implemented at the school sites or partner organizations. For more details, please contact us at info@kroussawfoundation

Parent Testimonials

Thank you KRF for this amazing program. My 1st grader loved the math workshops, helped him so much with catching up on his math skills. Highly recommend the program.

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