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The KRF Summer Camp

Changing Lives

What will they learn...?

Like all our programs, our KRF Summer Camp is based on The KRoussaw 360 Method.

Our program covers all aspects of learning; social, emotional, physical and intellectual. The KRF summer camp ensures that our participants take on the summer spirit and enjoy each day to the fullest while also learning and adding value with each activity they are exposed to. 

We offer pre-planned daily structured activities, field trips and a lot more to offer exposures, experiences and engagements that are life changing!​

Relaxing After Workout
Kids Blowing Bubbles
The KRF Summer Camp

The KRoussaw Foundation is proud to offer District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia families the opportunity to enroll their children in our Summer Camp that fosters development and creates lifelong friendships.


Registration is simple and flexible. Register your child for as many sessions as you want and still schedule summer vacations! No matter what you choose, your child will have a safe, memorable summer.

Here comes the fun! With weekly themes, S.T.E.A.M. activities, gym games and more, we make the perfect summer-camp adventure for every little personality.

A $50 non-refundable/non-transferable deposit per camper is due upon filling the summer camp application. The fee for camp will be weekly $325. If you elect before and/or after care its $125 per week. Field trips are $100 per week and for those who chose to have a lunch and snack provided cost is $125 per week. If you are a DC resident and interested in a scholarship, please contact us so we can provide that resource. 

What parents are saying about our programs

"What a fun summer experience! It was nice to have a kid motivated to get up each day to go to the KRF Summer Camp. Joshua was able to make new friends, explored a spectrum of activities from STEAM to sports, field trips etc. We are coming back every year for all our kids till they no longer need a summer camp! Highly recommend to all parents! "

" When I signed up my kids for KRF Summer Camp, I said to myself, well, how different can it be from other summer camps? Turns out, ALOT. The quality of program and the way it is executed is unparallel to any others in the area. The program ensures kids are engaged at all times in meaningful and fun activities. My kids loved coming to KRF Summer Camp everyday and we look forward to Summers to go back there again this year!

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