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The KRF Re-Boot:
A Mentorship Program for Youth

Build A Better Future

What will they learn...?

Like all our programs, our KRF Re-Boot Mentorship Program is also based on The KRoussaw 360 Method.

Overall program goal is to empower the youth we serve by providing access to resources and knowledge that enables them to combat disparities that they face in everyday life.


Specifically, our Mentorship Program for Youth has the following goals: to reduce occurrences of maladaptive behaviors, and to improve social emotional behavioral health and to increase volunteerism, community involvement and responsible behavior.

Youth Counseling
The KRF Re-Boot: A mentorship program for youth

The program is a nurturing ecosystem that places the growth and empowerment of young individuals at the center of its vision. It is not merely a program but a promise to support, guide, and inspire our future generations as they navigate through life's complexities.
With personal and professional development at its core, the program offers a robust framework for nurturing confidence, self-esteem, and leadership skills while encouraging youth to make informed decisions about their careers and lives.
Our proactive stance fosters a safe environment, preemptively addressing issues that can lead to crime or recidivism, thus safeguarding the harmony and health of our communities.

Contact us to learn more about current program locations and partners.

What parents are saying about our programs

" My middle-schooler was in so much trouble at school all the time. With the KRF Mentorship Program, we have seen a remarkable improvement in his overall behavioral at school as well as at home. He takes more interest in his academics as well extra-curricular activities, overall, he is in a much better mental and emotional state, thanks to the KRF Re-Boot. I highly recommended this program!"

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