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Young Entrepreneurs

Igniting Passions

What will they learn...?

By the end of the program, the participants :

  • Will be able to understand and apply concepts related to entrepreneurship and small businesses.

  • Will have their business plans ready.

  • Will be able to showcase their small business in ‘The KRoussaw Young Entrepreneurs Convention’ at the end of the program.

  • Will be able to enter a business plan competition at the ‘The KRoussaw Young Entrepreneurs Convention’ to win $1000 in funding.

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Students Building Windmill
Young Entrepreneurs Program

The Young Entrepreneurs Program provides hands-training on developing and executing business plans in a way that ignites entrepreneurial spirits. The participants get the opportunity to pitch their ideas at the Young Entrepreneurs Convention and win upto $1000 funding towards their businesses.

The program can be offered as an afterschool program or a summer school program for elementary school all the way to highschoolers. The curriculum is designed such that it can be customized to cater to any age group.

The Young Entrepreneurs Program is now available to residents of Virginia and Maryland, and DC. It is offered in partnerships with local schools as well as community centers. Contact us to find out more about program locations or potential to partner in your area.

What parents are saying about our programs

" We have not been able to find anything remotely close to the Young Entrepreneurs Program by KRF. My 4 year old had a great time developing his cookie baking business plan. We  all were so proud to see him pitch his ideas with confidence. He learnt a lot so we keep coming!"

"My two kids participated in the Young Entrepreneurs Program in DC location. They were able to redirect their energies into this amazing program where they developed their business plans. By the end of the program they were confidently using terms like marketing, budgets, products with such ease, it was truly amazing! Thank you KRF for providing this platform to our young people".

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