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Live Strong Initiative

Creating Healthy Minds & Bodies

What will they learn...?

Like all our programs, our Live Strong Initiative is based on The KRoussaw 360 Method.


Overall goal of this program is to create awareness about healthy eating habits and provide skills to be able to do that. With this program, we aim to reduce obesity rates and improve mental health of all our program participants.

Young Mothers Practicing Yoga
Healthy Food
Live Strong Initiative

Live Strong Initiative is designed to nurture not only the minds but ensure physical and mental fitness to optimize the true potential of our community. According to Virginia’s Joint Commission on Health Care, 68% of the population in Virginia is overweight, with nearly two in five kids (38%) ages 10-17 were considered overweight or obese (2021).Our Live Strong Initiative aims to tackle the root cause of the problem.
The program engages families (students and parents), to show what healthy eating entails. This initiative is supported by local food banks. Another component of this program is physical fitness activities for the participants.

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