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Beyond The Arts Afterschool

Setting The Tone

What will they learn...?

Like all our programs, our Beyond The Arts Afterschool Program is based on The KRoussaw 360 Method.


Our program curriculum covers all aspects of learning; social, emotional, physical and intellectual.


We offer pre-planned daily structured lessons that offer exposures, experiences and engagement in financial literacy, entrepreneurship, healthy eating and cooking, physical fitness and sports, , mindfulness, arts, music, dance, STEM and much more!​

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Beyond The Arts
Afterschool Program

At KRF, we set ourselves apart because we deliver an experience that intentionally fosters each child’s cognitive, social-emotional and physical development through opportunities and experiences which focus on achievement, relationships, and belonging.

We offer safe, supervised activities and daily schedules that include sports, group games, homework support, arts & crafts, STEM, and more.

After successful program implementation in DC schools, we now offer our Beyond the Arts afterschool program to Virginia and Maryland schools. The fee for our afterschool program is $200 weekly and we also provide snack and supper for an additional $30 per week.  If you are a DC resident and interested in a scholarship, please contact us to find out more about the program as well as our locations in Virginia, Maryland and DC.

There are limited spots available at all our locations. Register now to secure your child's position in our Beyond the Arts After School Program.

What parents are saying about our programs

"My kid was having a very tough time at school with his anger issues. The Beyond The Arts program turned this kid around. Social, emotional learning is embedded in all of their activities and they execute it so impeccably. We are so grateful. "

" My kid actually looks forward to afterschool part of day everyday! He loves his teachers, peers and all the different activities they do every day with him. I do not have to worry about signing him for any other classes during the week because he is being exposed to so many different things in this afterschool program. It is amazing! I highly recommend this program to all parents, it will add immense value to your kids".

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